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Route 86: Where your car is always treated the right way

Having started out as car enthusiasts back in the day, we realized that there was a need for a proper Speed Shop. This would ultimately become a place where like-minded car fanatics are able to meet and greet, discuss and share knowledge, learn, and have upgrades performed by qualified specialists who treats and looks after your car as if it is their own.

After years of hard-work and studying, we have finally been able to make our dreams a reality. Route 86 is that one unique place where you walk in for a service, and walk out as part of the family. To ensure you are more than satisfied when fetching your vehicle from our workshop, we pride ourselves in providing services and solutions most shops do not offer.

We Offer A Full Line Of Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Services For Your Vehicle

Company Mission

We stick to doing things the way our relatives used to do it many moons ago, by putting our sweat, blood and tears into achieving that ultimate goal.

Route 86 re-ignites your relationship with your vehicle, to the way it used to be.

Why Choose Us

We do not strive to make customers, our main goal is to make more people fall in love with their vehicles again, while bringing people together and  making more friends in the process.