Auto Electrical Diagnostics


It is essential to have a well-running Auto Electrical System in your car; it is fundamental to the operation of your vehicle, it keeps electronics functioning and in good condition, and also provides power to various car parts.

The electrical system is pretty complicated and needs advanced diagnostic equipment and technology for overall servicing. One of our experienced technicians will run diagnostics on the electrical system of your vehicle to access the relevant data and ascertain reasons for any difficulties.

Mechanical Engineering


The experienced mechanical engineers at the Route 86 workshop provide expert mechanical services and work as part of a professional team to customize, improve, and test vehicles.

A variety of methods are available for improving the quality and performance of your vehicle; we, therefore, leverage our creativity to develop cost-effective automotive services to achieve viable solutions for any mechanical difficulties you are experiencing.

Minor & Major Detailing


Getting your car detailed (deep-cleaned) means to have a thorough cleaning and reconditioning done of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. We make use of special tools to restore the paintwork and make the car look almost like it did the day you bought it.

It is crucial to have your vehicle detailed now and then to ensure she looks at her best; it will also help to keep your vehicle in excellent condition while increasing the life of the paint and retaining better resale value.

Minor & Major Panel Beating


Our task is to perform necessary repairs to the panels of your vehicle using hand tools and machines; by doing this, we can restore any vehicle to pre-accident condition. The Route 86 team maintains a vastness of knowledge, understanding all there is to know about a variety of vehicles.

We specialize in minor and major vehicle body repairs, from small to large dents, bumper repairs, and vehicle spray paint services, to both minor and major accident damage repair and body part replacements; it all gets done in our Boksburg based workshop!

Minor & Major Vehicle Servicing


All vehicles require maintenance and services at specific intervals. Minor and major car services are generally available, whereas minor car services are conducted more often than major car services.

Benefits of having your vehicle serviced regularly:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Improved handling
  • Better braking
  • Smoother running engine
  • Maintained market value

Motor, Diff & Gearbox Repairs


At times when your car is inoperative, you surely need it to be up and running again as soon and efficiently as possible. If you need your Car Motor, Diff or Gearbox repaired, we specialize in gearbox repairs, differential repairs, and motor repairs; as well as the basic repairs, maintenance, and services of vehicles.

Our team of specialists will repair your car as quickly as possible, working on-site to fix any problems you are experiencing.

Software Mapping


Vehicle Software Mapping is the modification or replacement of the software on a vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (controls how the engine works), which overwrites it with new software and is then programmed to improve your car’s performance.

When remapping your car, we plug the tuned software into the ODB port, which overwrites the engine map with the new version to enhance its engine performance. This results in the engine responding properly, the torque and power increasing, and power delivery being much more fluid.

Suspension & Performance Upgrades


Let’s be honest, most of us want more out of our vehicles – which means it needs to be tuned – the best option is to have a professional do a vehicle suspension and performance upgrade for you.

At Route 86 we analyze your car’s performance while considering essential elements such as weight transfer, chassis flex, tyre temperatures, and driver technique. By running different tests and trials, we get an idea of how these tweaks benefit or damage the handling of your vehicle.

Tyre Fitment


Route 86 offers high quality and affordable tyre fitment solutions designed to provide the best value, service, and quality to offer you the highest standards of tyre fitment services.

We do our best to give the most dependable possible advice and offer great tyre specials and tyre deals so that you can keep your family safe, affordably.

Vehicle Mechanical Diagnostics


We make use of electronic devices and equipment in our workshop, as we rely on it heavily when a few simple tests cannot detect the main problem on a vehicle. A vehicle test can be completed within a few minutes in most cases.

When your vehicle arrives at the Route 86 workshop, it is hooked up to our machines which then assesses your vehicle – the final test results reveal the condition of your car so that we can identify any significant concerns and areas that are calling for attention.

Vehicle Restoration


With our fully equipped office, workshop, and spray booth, we cater to small and large projects. Before doing a complete vehicle restoration, we ensure we have an understanding of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle to ensure ongoing maintenance and future restorations are limited.

Our team is passionate about restoring and working on vehicles, they have a strong eye for detail, and take pride in rebuilding, refurbishing, and repairing vehicles.

Vinyl Wrapping & Stickering


To provide you with an exceptional service that exceeds your expectations when getting your visual branding done, we offer custom vehicle wraps for private individuals and corporate businesses; this includes full wraps, half wraps, as well as partial vehicle branding.

Our qualified and specialized team with excellent knowledge and skills does the vehicle wrapping in a fully-kitted workshop, ensuring that when your car leaves our workshop, your customers start recognizing your brand.